Bespoke global enterprise digital asset management completely customized
for efficiency

The Vault – Lenovo Worldwide

As one of the world’s leading PC companies, operating in 160 markets globally, Lenovo struggled with managing an ever-increasing number of marketing assets. Their existing system was a productivity drain, costing them time and money. Marketing assets were often duplicated from country to country, outdated, hard to find and difficult to retrieve and share.

Previously staff were using a multitude of apps to store and share digital marketing assets. Files often lived on users’ desktops and were shared via email and file sharing apps such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. It was time consuming to understand the origination of the file and there was no way to easily share a new marketing asset globally or decommission an old one.

After reviewing a number of options, it was decided that Lenovo needed something bespoke but without the burden of a complete build. AssetSpot, with its flexibility and custom development options, became the perfect choice.

Here’s what we did for them:

Multi-level access and permissions

Access to The Vault was allowed based on a hierarchy of role and location-based permissions which controlled what a user could do and see on The Vault. This enabled custom access levels for different levels of Lenovo employees as well as external audiences such as agency partners, suppliers and Alliance partners, such as Intel.

Single Sign On (SSO)

For staff already logged into the network, SSO (single sign-on) was incorporated, which meant they could access The Vault without having a user account created. This of course decreases friction with onboarding users and quickly meant their team around the world were able to begin making use of it.

Custom UI and UX

The difference between AssetSpot and most DAMs is its capacity to completely customize the user experience. This goes beyond simply slapping on your company logo and colors, instead going all the way through to custom landing pages, workflows, content types, and much more. The Vault was given its own branding, and the user interface was designed around this theme. The homepage was also customized based on what Lenovo’s users deemed important.

Congregation of a few systems

With The Vault, Lenovo did away with the myriad of apps staff had been using for file sharing. The Vault gave them not only a place to centrally store and retrieve marketing assets but also the ability to centralize their assets, store them securely, manage their lifetime and also simplified the steps required to share an asset.

Approval Workflow

According to the status of an asset, such as live, uploaded or archived, Lenovo was able to control who can see and edit the content. Lenovo could also line up and have everyone review all assets before a launch and make it available at the go live date.

Insights and Reporting

Understanding what’s going on with your users and assets is crucial to getting the most out of any DAM, so we worked with Lenovo to deliver a custom reporting dashboard. Seeing old assets, use by region, popular assets, feedback from users and more was pulled together into a visual dashboard that allowed admins to dig deeper within each data set, gathering further intelligence as required.


The switch over to the new Asset Management System required importing existing assets and users, which we were able to provide via a bulk import method. Once launched, with the SSO option meaning internal users had immediate access, the take up was swift and soon assets were being managed in a central location for users all around the world. Feedback was fantastic, and the system immediately hailed a success. It continues to be used to this day and the investment has delivered such a great return, in terms of time saved, better use of assets and much more.