Simple, secure digital asset management for solo-workers and small teams

Save time and collaborate better with an easy-to-use digital asset and document management system.

AssetSpot is quick to deploy and easy-to-use. It’s a centralized digital asset library that gives you, and anyone else you need, controlled access to images, photos, videos, audio, working files and much more.

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So much more than
just storage

AssetSpot is a flexible and completely customizable DAM that’s simple to use and puts the power over your digital files back in your hands. AssetSpot’s wide range of enterprise-grade features are now available for small teams and solo workers, giving your business the advantage. Discover our features today!


Store, sort, preview, share, collect, archive and download any digital file.


Get enterprise grade features at your finger-tips to increase your productivity.


Powerful security features ensure your assets are safe and protected.


AssetSpot is accessible on a range of desktop and mobile devices, from anywhere in the world!


Your AssetSpot can be a self-install or a hosted install, in our highly secure cloud-based environment. Enjoy fast uploads/downloads, load balancing and much more.


With state-of-the-art security and customizable user permissions, your assets will be safely available to just the right people.


Our cloud-based, hosted install option includes automatic backups and multiple redundancy factors, so there’s no need to worry about losing any of your data.


Built right into the core of AssetSpot, offering support for 20 languages, you can also easily add more. Ask us about our translation services.

Used by the worlds #1 PC company

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tested solution

Lenovo, the worlds #1 PC maker, operates in hundreds of markets globally and needed a solution for managing and distributing a vast array of marketing assets all over the world, without losing control of access and version controls. Key to the success of our solution was cross-device compatibility, localization and multiple levels of access.

Get generous storage with a reliable and secure digital asset management solution

We’ve carefully selected a range of enterprise-grade features to give you a world class digital asset management tool at a fraction of the cost.

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Set-up – $0

  • AssetSpot branded
  • Storage – 5GB
  • Users: 1
  • User types: 1
  • Support: No
  • Dashboard: No
  • Custom UI: No
  • Custom modules: No

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Set-up – From $99

  • AssetSpot branded
  • Storage – 1.5TB
  • Users: Up to 2 ($24/user) included in plan, add additional users at $24/user
  • User types: 2
  • Support: No
  • Dashboard: Basic
  • Custom UI: No
  • Custom modules: No

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Set-up – From $899

  • Your logo and colours (co-branded)
  • Storage – 3TB
  • Users: Up to 3 ($33/user) included in plan, add additional users at $33/user
  • User types: 3
  • Support: Yes – limited
  • Dashboard: Basic
  • Custom UI: Basic
  • Custom modules: No

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