Customizable digital asset management solution for enterprises.

Simplify workflows, increase team productivity and generate ROI with our reliable and secure digital asset management solution.

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AssetSpot is quick to deploy and easy-to-use. It’s a centralized digital asset library and document management system that gives you and your distributed teams access to the same digital files, including images, video, audio, documents, working files and much more.

No more sending files by email

Securely share with internal and external contacts

Control access to certain files by user type or permissions

Organize files into private or public collections

Built for collaboration and easy sharing,
AssetSpot saves time and boosts productivity for
large enterprises

A completely customizable DAM that’s simple to use and puts the power back in your hands. In addition to what you would expect from an enterprise-grade DAM, we offer a number of extras that make it perfect for your business.


Built right into the core of AssetSpot, there is support for 20 languages. Plus, it’s easy to add more. Ask us about our translation services.

Enterprise-grade security

With state-of-the-art security, SSO options and a vast range of user permissions available, making sure only the right people have access to particular assets is a breeze.

Automated backups

Our cloud-based, hosted install option includes automatic backups and multiple redundancy factors, so there’s no risk of losing any of your data.


Do you need to showcase your approved product photography? Do you need to promote a collection of downloads to specific teams? Or do you need particular insights to show in your reporting dashboard? Whatever it is, we’re here to make AssetSpot work for you and your team.

All the usual


Unlock the power of your assets by leveraging location tags, names, products, colors and just about anything else you can think of with our custom fields.

Highly accessible

AssetSpot can be accessed across a multitude of devices, from anywhere around the world.


Your AssetSpot can be a self-install or a hosted install, in our highly secure cloud-based environment. Enjoy fast uploads/downloads, load balancing and much more.

Used by the worlds #1 PC company

Choose the tried and tested solution

Lenovo, the worlds #1 PC maker, operates in hundreds of markets globally and needed a solution for managing and distributing a vast array of marketing assets all over the world, without losing control of access and version controls. Key to the success of our solution was cross-device compatibility, localization and multiple levels of access.

A reliable and secure digital asset management solution built
for enterprises

All enterprise plans come with dedicated support specialists, so you’re not left in the lurch, and can be completely customized to address your business needs. Go beyond just adding your logo and brand colours all the way to introducing custom UI modules and workflows.

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Set-up – From $1,199

  • Your logo and colours
  • Storage – 3TB
  • Users: Up to 5 users included in plan, add additional users at $30/user
  • User types: Up to 5
  • Support: Yes
  • Custom dashboard: Yes
  • Custom UI: Basic
  • Custom modules: Basic

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Set-up – From $4,999

  • Your logo and colours
  • Storage – 10TB
  • Users: Up to 15 users included in plan, add additional users at $23/user
  • User types: Up to 10
  • Support: Yes
  • Custom dashboard: Yes
  • Custom UI: Yes
  • Custom modules: Basic

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Set-up – Quote

  • Your logo and colours
  • Storage – 30TB
  • Users: Unlimited
  • User types: Unlimited
  • Support: Yes
  • Custom dashboard: Yes
  • Custom UI: Yes
  • Custom modules: Yes

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