Digital Asset Management
made easy

Unlock the value hidden in your assets by leveraging the power of meta-data and custom fields. Don’t just search, find and share.

The DAM that’s made to fit your business like a glove

AssetSpot is a completely customizable digital asset management solution designed to save your assets from becoming a liability.

Unlock the value of your digital assets

Meta data associated with your assets helps you to catalogue, search and share your assets more easily. Our custom fields allow you to take it further. Attach the right meta data to your assets and really unlock the value hidden within. Search the contents of your documents, the location of your photos, the author of your video or the region of your audio file. Plus so much more

More efficient teams and
better ROI on your assets

Does any of this sound familiar?

Teams are wasting valuable time struggling to find and share
digital assets

AssetSpot Solution:
With powerful custom fields to categorize your documents, easily search and find digital assets in seconds.

Which is the latest again? Can you just email it to me?

AssetSpot Solution:
Securely share digital assets from anywhere in the world to any device.

Multiple copies of assets creating version control issues and
costly storage

AssetSpot Solution:
Automatic version control to give you complete control over your digital assets.

Valuable assets which your business has invested in creating
remain invisible

AssetSpot Solution:
Extract the most value out of your assets with a quick and efficient way to find existing assets with powerful custom fields.

Used by the worlds #1 PC company

Choose the tried and tested solution

Lenovo, the worlds #1 PC maker, operates in hundreds of markets globally and needed a solution for managing and distributing a vast array of marketing assets all over the world, without losing control of access and version controls. Key to the success of our solution was cross-device compatibility, localization and multiple levels of access.

With all plans, you’ll get:

Complete control over your digital assets to accelerate productivity with enterprise-grade features which is available on all tiers.

Generous storage

Our world class storage solution means you’ll never run out of space.

Simple pricing

Transparent cost structure means no surprises – everything is included.

Great features

Full featured basic packages, up to highly customizable enterprise plans.

Proven reliability

Used worldwide by the world’s #1 PC company, Lenovo.

Small or large, we have
a plan for you

All our plans are no-obligation and you can cancel at any time. Discover our flexible, cost-effective DAM solutions for teams big and small — or go custom and we’ll ensure your AssetSpot fits like a glove.

Solo-workers and small teams

A selection of sophisticated features ideal for freelancers and small teams for free or at a fraction of the cost.

Large teams and enterprises

Comprehensive packages ideal for companies that operate with large teams, or across multiple geographies and markets.

Need to know more?

If you have any questions about AssetSpot, please get in touch and we’ll respond as soon as we can.